April 12, 2013

"Hardest" working man in showbiz? James Deen’s schedule "exposed." (Get it?)

Sometimes I seek out information. And sometimes information just comes barreling down on me like a cell phone from the third floor of Naomi Campbell’s fabulous pied-à-terre. Count the following data in the latter category.

According to sources who would know, James Deen works almost every day. Literally. Almost every day. Doing what he does, and doin’ it well.

As for how much the sensitive-guy porn phenom charges, that’s not quite so clear. But know this: The average per-film pay for a male porn actor these days is, I am told, around $2,000. 

On the high end.

So. Just to hammer this home: For $2,000, you, too, can hire a porn star to bang you like a screen door, on camera, and keep that film forever and in perpetuity. Sell it if you want. Or keep in a vault, and just bring it out on nights you’re feelin’, you know, freaky.

By way of comparison, the Olsen twins sell a clutch handbag that costs three times as much.

The meaning of a smart investment, it is relative.

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