April 17, 2013

If Miley Cyrus wore clothes, she’d love my new line of Fame Fatale T-shirts

It’s a law of science that Miley Cyrus hates clothes. Because clothes cover you up, you guys. You can’t show off your side-boob or fish for compliments on your abs or come dangerously close to flashing butt cleavage or let your bra double as a top if you’re wearing too many clothes. 

Again: science.

But here’s a fresh theory. Maybe Miley Cyrus just hasn’t found the right clothes. Maybe Miley Cyrus really needs to consider...my clothes

Listeners of the Fame Fatale have requested show swag, and so, I give you show swag, via a brand-new Cafe Press site dedicated just to the podcast and blog.

We're talking sweatshirts, tees, mugs, travel cups, doggie hoodies, baby tops, and so, so much more. 

There’s even a tiny tank top that Miley can shred into strips and wear as a loincloth if she’s feeling demure.

So fire up your Paypal account and buy some of my shirts...before Justin Bieber suddenly decides he needs to cover his torso too.

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