April 29, 2013

How to make everybody love you in 100 degree weather, starring John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly and a band perform in 2007 as Dewey Cox & the Hard Walkers
Here I go again, saying something nice about a celebrity. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I suspect that my vast network of spies is spending too much time in the sun, soaking up vitamin D and letting all that happiness affect their brains...and their reports to me. But I’ll tolerate the trend for now. Mostly because I have no choice.

So: This past weekend, our shining California desert played host to a massive country music festival called Stagecoach. VIP ticketholders get not only concerts, but also backstage meet-and-greets known among country folk as Shake-and-Howdies. 

Walk Hard star John C. Reilly has played in a couple of bands, and he threw a concert at Stagecoach this weekend. He apparently blew off his Shake and Howdy, which made me like him a little less, until I heard more from my spies on the ground.

The average daytime temperature at Stagecoach, and during the subsequent Shake-and-Howdies, is 100 degrees and up. Ergo, concert workers usually shuttle around the talent in little cart/taxi thingies. 

Unless that talent is Reilly. After his show, a spy tells me, “he walked right from the stage to catering. People were double-taking, like, ‘Did we just drive past John C. Reilly?’”

And then he posed for photos in the catering tent. So, the scene was kinda like a Shake and Howdy, only, without the VIPs, and with food.

“He was very accommodating and polite.”

That’s more than I can say for myself if the temperature gets above 70 degrees. Tip of the ol’ cowboy hat to John C. Reilly. Walk hard, indeed.

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