April 30, 2013

Episode 6: How to feel about Gwyneth...or raise $5 million for your first movie

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Never let it be said that I can’t do a classy podcast. I can talk about the future of American culture any old time I want, let it be known. For example, on this brand-new episode of The Fame Fatale, I delve into the future of film funding with the help of actress, producer and director Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, co-founder of Blanc Biehn Productions and director of the upcoming sci-fi spooker The Night Visitor. (Wanna be a part of a cool Kickstarter that has nothing to do with Zach Braff or Veronica Mars? Donate to The Night Visitor! Before the aliens steal you away! Or just learn how to fund your own $5 million picture by listening to Blanc-Biehn.)

Do you fear I’ve grown too highbrow? Chillax. I also answer a reader question about why so many people seem to hate Gwyneth Paltrow (or...do we?). Plus, of course, fresh celebrity sightings, plenty of Baby Vegaz, and--just for you Jon Hamm fans--I bring in a guy who actually lived the Mad Men life and can pitch you on what’s accurate on the show, and what isn’t. 

That man? My dad.

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  1. The interview with your dad was amazing. The best one yet and my favorite answer bitch / fame fatale podcast ever. Congratulations!

  2. Why thank you. We may have a convo about GoT in the offing eventually.