April 23, 2013

Episode 5: Your horrible baby could win an Emmy

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Well, looky here: Five whole weeks into my new podcast venture and you’re still just as hungry as ever for Hollywood inside dish. Lucky for you, I’m actually a cyborg with titanium-tipped hands who has no need for sleep and who can type and type without her fingers ever getting all bloody. (Think creatures like me don’t exist? How else could Rihanna keep on Instagramming topless photos of herself 24 hours a day without rest or nourishment? It ain’t the vitamin B-12 shots.)
This week, you asked much of me. And I gave so much more unto you: The inner mechanisms of Nicki Minaj’s business dealings; the chances of House of Cards (or your bossy baby) winning an Emmy in the next year; not one, not two, but three celebrity sightings; and a blind item that’ll almost--almost--make you feel sorry for the TV actors.

Plus! Major news that your morning coffee is not going to want to miss, especially if it likes enjoys being sipped from Fame Fatale travel mugs.

And for those who missed her...Ande is back!

Have you got a question for me about celebrity or the world of pop culture? Ask it comments. You just might hear the answer on my next podcast.


  1. Why are so many Hollywood movies getting international release dates that are earlier than the U.S.? I'm an American and I want my Star Trek now, damn it!


  2. Ha! That's very interesting. Lemme look into it. Cheers.