April 16, 2013

Episode 4: Porntrepreneurs and mystery drunks

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This week a loyal listener wrote in asking about what porn pays these days for a lady. (I’ve already told you what a guy charges, in case you’re looking for sensible investments in the film industry.) So I found out, of course, courtesy of Joanna Angel, a porn entrepreneur, font of information, and owner of Burning Angel.

In short: Just masturbating on camera can pay like $200. Which is about $200 more than I’m making typing this up. And you know that you’re jerking off just reading this, you cheapskate.

Anyhoo: Pornonomics with Joanna Angel. You’re welcome.

Also featured in this week's podcast: The drunken antics of one of the sexiest men on TV; why Netflix-subscribing Game of Thrones fans are being treated like Theon Greyjoy this season; and why all the gay actors don’t just come out already.

Got a question for me about how Hollywood actually works? Curious about how a star really lives? Ask me in comments. You just might hear the answer on my next podcast.

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