April 9, 2013

Episode 3: Sweat glands of the rich and famous

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Celebrity armpits--definitely not just like us.

Off-the-rack humans like you and I may sometimes perspire like the animals we are, but the elegantly bespoke Hollywood A-lister is made of fancier material. Celebrities wouldn't be caught dead looking all salty, moist, and plebeian in the underarm region. How do they stay so dry under constant heat and pressure of pap flashes and award-show klieg lights? In this week’s podcast, I blow the lid off the whole Celebrity Non-Perspiration Conspiracy. You asked why stars never seem to sweat--at least, not when the cameras are on--and I found out. I have your answer right here, along with a surprising beauty tip that just might keep you from reaching for the waxing strips.

And as if that weren't enough, I work up a gentle sweat (a glow, really) predicting the future of that poor, misunderstood shaggy hipster dude from Girls (no, the other shaggy hipster dude from Girls); judging the criminal trial of Michael Jackson, Gentleman Corpse; and exposing an A-list blind item you’ve got to hear to believe.

Plus, if you’ve missed Ande, good news! We’ve got her right here.