April 2, 2013

Episode 2: Halle Berry wants to drink your blood

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So this week, a fan wrote in asking about Halle Berry. By fan I mean a fan of mine, not of Halle Berry, because, come on: Being a fan of Halle Berry just makes no sense.

The fan wanted to know what’s really going on with Halle’s amazingly age-defying face: Does she sprinkle her kale chips with uranium? Drink the blood of virgins? Was she bitten by a radioactive Nicole Kidman? I found out. And really, seriously, the answer may surprise you. Because it kinda surprised me.

Also: I dish out on a blind item that’s fresh, juicy, and packed with not one, but TWO A-list actors and one A-list director. And thousands of dollars.

Plus: Kim Kardashian. And not in a nice way.

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  1. AB Emeritus, here are two Hollywood Q's for you.

    If most of America is ok with gay marriage, and Hollywood is almost all liberal, then why are gay actors/actresses discouraged from their team or uneasy about coming out?

    Are celebrities scared of blind item gossip websites?

  2. I LOVE your qs! Lemme put 'em in the queue!

  3. we saw her at a My Little Pony event put on by The Hub Network; her daughter -- dressed as a princess -- was either tired/bored/hungry and Ms. Berry was a patient and attentive parent. She did a good job soothing her little one. Ms. Berry's boyfriend had a slight gut and man boobs giving hope to legions of American men that they too could have hope with Halle.

  4. Intriguing! When was this? And how did Halle manage to soothe Nahla? Was there a nanny in the picture? And please expound on said man boobs. Are we talking Hollywood man boobs or Middle America man boobs?