April 10, 2013

Unemployed hipster still earns more than you

If you skipped this week’s podcast, you missed a fascinating dispatch from me and celebrity power attorney Bryan Sullivan on the future of Chris Abbott, that emo guy who recently left Girls over his character’s “direction.” The takeaway: Abbott's decision, while noble, likely cost him a few friends. Powerful ones. And not just the most hyped woman in entertainment since Oprah.

Today I’ve got a fresh tidbit of gossip for you Girls fans: There’s a good chance that Abbott also walked away from a serious chunk of cash. You know, for the sake of artistic truth. How much money are we talking? Think of it this way: In two weeks, this guy probably made more than many of you will see in a year. 

In case you ever wondered, an unknown actor, on a cable-type, one-hour show--such as Girls--usually earns a per-episode payout of roughly $30,000. 

Now, Abbott’s agency, Gersh, probably took 10 percent of that, or $3,000. That is, Gersh probably took $3,000 before it stopped working with Abbott earlier this month. (See my above note about losing friends in high places.)

And Abbott’s manager likely took an additional 15 percent, or $4,500. 

So, before taxes, Abbott may have actually taken home a mere $22,500.

But still: $22,500. A week. Gone. Because: Creative differences, you guys!

If Lena Dunham is looking for someone to take that money off of her hands, she should know: My podcast just happens to be looking for sponsors!

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