March 9, 2013

The Bitch is back

From the still-smoldering ashes of the late, lamented Answer B!tch podcast rises a new, bolder, and even bitchier podcast, The Fame Fatale. Each week The Fame Fatale (me, your host: Leslie Gornstein) answers the burning question, "Hollywood, WTF"? 

Even better, it's your question. And, even better than your question, it's my answer—researched, vivisected, and formally delivered to you, Salomé-style, on an audio platter. So ask me anything about Hollywood: How does Justin Bieber keep his massive pants up (or... does he)? Does Britney post her own Tweets? Does Suri Cruise really have a body double? As long as it's not an Is-he-gay? question (of course he is), I'll do my best to inform your inquiring minds.

And that's not all. The Fame Fatale podcast will also seduce you with special features:

  • Blind items and celebrity sightings
  • Interviews with insiders who know where the proverbial bodies are buried
  • Special surprise guests
So keep this blog-page-thing bookmarked and listen for the inaugural episode of The Fame Fatale, coming to a computer or smart phone near you later this month!

(Until then, be sure to post your questions in comments. I'll be reading them all.)


  1. Baby Vegas needs to be in this!

  2. Why do the stars never appear to sweat? Does fame instill some sort of magical quiescence upon their eccrine system? Is it the "dehydration" so often cited as the reason for a sudden collapse?

  3. DocTerv: I like your question. Do you have a specific star and event in mind? Does any star seem particularly sweatproof to you?

  4. I was thinking particular of the Emmys last fall. No specific star, they all seem miraculously immune to the sweltering.

  5. In particular. Because my previous comment makes me sound illiterate otherwise.

  6. i love Baby Vegas celebrity stories with such good details.Send him kisses from Brazil.

  7. I am very glad that you are back. Will you have merchandise or a donate button? I have already purchased your book and I don't think I could afford an ad in your podcast. Thanks!

  8. If I watch I Love Lucy on Hulu, I don't get commercials for retirees. If the ads are tailored to me, does that mean the advertisers follow me to whatever I watch or are they still linked to particular shows?