March 26, 2013

Episode 1: Inside Lindsay Lohan's cushy hell

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You asked! I recorded!

Here it is: The inaugural episode of The Fame Fatale, featuring fiendishly researched responses on the stuff you said mattered most to you this week: (1) Lindsay Lohan's five-star rehab, (2) Lindsay Lohan's bazillionaire friends, and (3) whether your favorite TV star is doing crystal meth.

In this first 'cast, I dig deep, way deep, into all of the above topics, plus: insight on the biz from naked Rosario Dawson! Random movie stars at Bed Bath & Beyond! Sound effects that didn't cost me anything!

And, because you all have no taste: Baby Vegas!


  1. Now that digital special effects artists can plausibly fake almost anything on the big screen, are Hollywood's digital airbrush artists de-wrinkling and slimming down aging A-listers in their midlife blockbusters?

  2. Intriguing, Mr. Digits. Got any particular A-listers or upcoming movies in mind?