March 18, 2013

Be careful what you wish for

You asked for Baby Vegas. You're getting Baby Vegas.

I am officially confirming that The BV will be back for the champagne christening of The Fame Fatale inaugural podcast, dazzling us all with his gigantic necklaces and metallic Birkenstocks and blinding array of colorful pants. Now imagine all audio form.

You're welcome.

Oh: One more small matter. You can now officially subscribe to The Fame Fatale podcast on iTunes or via the RSS-friendly listening device of your choice. Just click your favored link in the upper-right corner of this blog thing.

Seriously: Subscribe to The Fame Fatale podcast or Baby Vegas will come to your house in a Speedo. And in case you're not certain, yes. That is a threat.

Until our big launch, watch this space. I'll be making more amazeballs announcements.


  1. YESSSSS! BV! BV! Cant wait to hear the new podcast!

  2. i know you will finds a way to keep him obedient. Kiss from brazil!

  3. Will you provide a URL for people who don't use itunes (I listen to podcasts on an android device).

    1. Hi Abony. I'm the site admin. I've added a new subscription link to "RSS." Can you please test it and let me know if it works with your Android device? Thanks.

    2. It works! I'm listening! Yay!

  4. so this is the face that matches the voice!
    Leslie I have been listening to (and enjoying, obviously) your podcasts since I think around 2007, no joke. I am happy for your new project, and hope this will be a success :)