December 3, 2014

Episode 69: Kristen Stewart is lonely

Click MeAnother week, another two lucky listeners are getting free autographed copies of my new book! A book that's available in paperback or on Kindle here in the U.S. as well as across the pond!

Are you one of the two new champions of Hollywood truth and justice? Have a listen to this brand-new episode to find out. (Hint: I answer your questions about how stars open checking accounts and navigate rush-hour traffic. Yes, they do it differently than we do.)

Plus! Ever wonder exactly how an Oscar gets won? Truth is, it's like a presidential campaign: You need money behind you to win. As in, millions of dollars. In this episode I outline exactly who shells out, and where all that money goes. (Remember all this as you watch your favorite actress stump on the Oscar campaign trail this month.)

Also in this episode: Kristen Stewart recently told the media that no one wants to talk to her because she's famous. Except that there's a hole in her story. And I dig into it for ya.

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November 18, 2014

Episode 68: We have a winner

Click MeI told you I was going to give away free signed copies of my book, and—unlike many a Hollywood publicist—I do not lie to my public. In fact, whenever possible, I double the hell down. On truth. As in, what if I select not one lucky book winner this week, but two?

Yep, this week, two lucky listeners wrote in celebrity-related questions that I answer on this week's edition: a) Is booking a ski vacation the same when you're famous? b) What about, you know, birthing?

The quick answers: a) No. And b) ...definitely no. Two signed copies of my book are on their way to a) Jessica Carico and b) Katie Basse. Thanks for playing along. 

Also this week:
  • Co-host Baby Vegas slings a celebrity sighting from deep within the Hollywood privilege hole. Then I offer a way-better celebrity sighting. It's a fresh Cage Match, people!
  • I read your letters in a brand-new edition of our recurring Burn After Reading segment.
  • And I offer an extremely vain Blind Item.
Think you know the star I'm talking about?

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November 11, 2014

Episode 67: Win a free copy of your favorite book ever

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My new book is out! My new book is out!

Maybe you're not familiar with my conquests in the world of publishing. Maybe you remain ignorant of my bestselling sort-of selling book, which exposes the real secrets behind how celebrities operate. (Hint: Stars are not just like us.) Maybe you've been waiting for such a book your whole life. Well here comes your second chance.

The second edition of my book is now out! The Celebrity Playbook gives you all the updated dish on what it's really like to be a star—how to not pay for things, how to not raise your kids, how to not serve time in jail, how not to stand in line for... anything. 

And here's the best part: You can buy this brightly colored, candy-like volume on Amazon right now. Or you can win a free copy. It's easy. Listen to my brand-new podcast for details on what to do and how to do it. (Or just buy a copy of the book, really. It's pretty cheap. Santa wants you to put it under your tree.)

Also in this brand-new episode:
  • A listener wonders what all those random people are doing on Talking Dead. So I find out.
  • Another listener asks whether stars pay for their own trainers if they're getting buff for a role and OF COURSE THEY DON'T STARS DON'T EVER PAY FOR ANYTHING IF YOU READ MY BOOK YOU WOULD KNOW THAT.
  • A third listener writes in to ask why stars get away with bringing their dogs into supermarkets out here. Again, I find out for you.
It's all here for you! Have a listen.

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November 3, 2014

Episode 66: Rene Zellweger's $20,000 mistake?

Click MeSo, it's no secret that Renee Zellweger looks... different. Radically. (If you care to remember her how she was, here's an old-timey photo of her. I even put a sepia tone on it for an added level of feel-good nostalgia.) The only question remaining: Precisely what did she do, and, more importantly, was this a good idea?

You listeners have been writing to me this week with those very questions. So I wrangled a top Hollywood plastic surgeon, John Vartanian, who has famous clients of his own, and asked for his unvarnished opinion. It's not, as they say, pretty. In fact, there's a good chance that she touched more than her eyes when her face... changed.

Also this week: I reveal the reason for my unusually long absence. I bait my co-host, Clint Wells, into a Cage Match he thinks he can win. And a Lena Dunham hater lobs a question that I guarantee he is not alone in asking.

Have a listen.

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October 22, 2014

Exclusive! Lost piece of AHS: Freak Show titles


Die-hard American Horror Story fans: I bring you a piece of never-before seen footage from this season!

These frames were originally earmarked for the opening titles of Freak Show, but they never made the final cut. Showrunner Ryan Murphy put the kibosh on this little piece, created, along with the rest of the opening titles, by Kyle Cooper and his company, Prologue.

Look closely. If you see a pair of babies who look eerily similar to the formaldehyde fetuses in the opener of season one, you’re right. These twins, who are waltzing, if you must know, are an homage to the backstory of Murder House. Cooper's creative process is ever-flowing; this sequence is one of many darlings that had to be killed, so to speak, to create the masterful final product that you see every week on FX.

As for Cooper's theory about the firing of the fetuses, he supposes that Murphy may have thought that the sequence doesn’t really match the rest of the opening titles.

I think the babies look pretty cool. What do you think?

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October 8, 2014

Episode 65: A freak show ... of truth!

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Tonight marks the return of American Horror Story, the beloved series that's kind of like a toddler's birthday party: It starts off so charmingly, but ends up a total hot mess by the end of its run. One element of AHS that never fails to disappoint—because it always stays the same, episode after episode—is the opening title sequence. Season four is no exception. In fact the opening titles for Freak Show are so memorable, so mesmerizing, that I had to call the guy who made them to find out how he pulled it off.

You can read all of the secrets I downloaded from Kyle Cooper here. But you can get a few extra, never-before-revealed tidbits on this week's Fame Fatale episode, available right here.

Also in this latest edition:
  • Baby Vegas gets a question about Baby Vegas. Baby Vegas answers it.
  • A listener asks about potential jail sentences for whoever is responsible for the celebrity nude-photo hacks, and I crunch the numbers. Another listener floats a conspiracy involving Facebook and celebrities.
  • And I finally reveal what drew me to Jamaica a few weeks ago...other than, you know, a free hotel stay in Jamaica. Turns out, a few powerful folks are trying to turn Jamaica into the next North Carolina or Atlanta–film industry-wise, anyway. They plan to start with a three-picture horror franchise based on the legend of—cue lightning—the White Witch of Rooooose Haaaalllllll. (Not Rose Hall.) Rooooose Haaaallllll. It looks like thiiiisssssss ...

And we have a brand-new Cage Match! 

Have a listen.

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October 6, 2014

In which I explain why my fans are the best ever

My fans are the best ever. This is an empirically measurable fact. Fans of other podcasts are precisely 30 percent less wonderful than mine. And I have evidence. Again: empirical.

The other day I found a package on my stoop from a podcast fan named Rachael Collins. She lives overseas. She wanted to make me a pair of silver earrings, so she did, and then sent them via airmail at her own expense.

They're gorgeous, as you can see. I was flattered and kind of overwhelmed that I have such nice listeners. I've been wearing the earrings pretty much every day.

Now Collins wants to make me a ring. When I emailed Collins to thank her for the earrings and to tell her that she shouldn't feel obligated to make me a ring, because, you know, I am not a Kardashian and I do not expect hard-working and talented designers to send me stuff for free, she replied that she really wanted to. 

Because next week she's going into brain surgery. And she may not have time to do it after that.

To repeat: This person is prepping for brain surgery and she takes time to make jewelry for total strangers just because she likes them and what they do. 

Collins's Twitter account is @sunstarsparkles. I'm about to Tweet her some words of encouragement. Will you the same? Meantime, I'll be keeping in touch with her as she goes through her surgery and will keep you up to date.