April 21, 2014

Episode 48: Big gay Hollywood sex parties

Click MeNo, I'm not talking about Coachella, though that could fall under the above category. I speak of the big gay Hollywood sex parties that are all the rage among breathless reporters, ever since news broke that a onetime underage boy is suing mega-director Bryan Singer. The allegations: That Singer invited the young actor to a big gay industry party, and then sexually abused him.

For this episode, I speak with someone who actually has attended soirees at Bryan Singer's place. Yep, they're big and gay and Hollywood, all right. But they may not necessarily be the wretched hive of scum and villainy that plaintiff Michael Egan implies. Do you believe Egan or Singer, who denies the accusation? Listen to party eyewitness and podcast favorite Guy Branum, and then decide for yourself.

And what else have I got for you in this episode?

How about the answer to your question about Katherine Heigl and her new paparazzi-related lawsuit? (That's right: Someone actually took a picture of Katherine Heigl, and then sold it for money.)

Also! Yeah, I have dish from Coachella, including perhaps the nicest celebrity that the harsh, forbidding desert has ever seen. Thanks to Nerd Out co-host and Coachella insider Lisa B. Jenkins for her firsthand report.

Plus! One very hairy blind item!

Let's commence to listenin'!

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April 7, 2014

Episode 47: Oi, you lot! It's the UK edition!

Click MeThat headline up there’s for my new UK fans. I now appear weekly on iTV’s This Morning, see, and I need to do all I can to charm the home of wee Prince George and the beans and toast. If you’ve seen me on Friday’s Showbiz Showdown, and you’ve been curious about me gobby podcast, welcome to The Fame Fatale, innit?

This week’s bits n bobs:
  • A reader asks whether the Divergent films might be saved by an ending less rubbish than the source material. And I find out, like.
  • Another reader wonders why we’re seeing Justin Bieber’s todger on video. And so I learnt why.
  • And still another reader pings me about how much Anna Kendrick got paid to go on Saturday Night Live and whinge about not getting paid. And have a guess! I suss it out!
And still more toshHow many barmy hairdressers it takes to make a celebrity ginge. Why Frozen really ain't all that cracking. And Baby Vegas is back, well-nigh starkers as usual. 

Bob's your uncle! And he's a tosser! So have a butcher's!

March 31, 2014

Episode 46: The GOOP Defense

Click MeNow that Gwyneth Paltrow has consciously uncoupled, it’s time to talk about the purposeful divorce and volitional single life that will likely follow. Will GOOP be able to expand her rabid fan base of urban backyard beekeepers and kale juice enthusiasts? Or will her haters increase their number, swelling into a mob that stages barely civil, bonfire-sized burnings of organic cotton T-shirts and reclaimed wooden cutting boards?

If you have high hopes for the latter outcome, you’re not alone. One of my loyal listeners can’t stand Paltrow, either. But why? In this new episode, we delve into the phenomenon of Gwyneth haters, with a little defensive help from someone who has met her.

Also in this edition:
  • The real-life Ray Donovan, and how to write to him in jail
  • Who gets paid whenever Rihanna sings a hook that isn’t hers
  • I read your letters in a brand-new segment with a fresh, shiny sound cue and everything
  • You requested her. I went and got her. O.B. (Original Bitchling) Drink of Water is in the studio!
Have at it!

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March 17, 2014

Episode 45: The Yellow King is dead, long live the king

Click MeSo True Detective is over. Now what am I supposed to overanalyze on Reddit? Sure, the food on Hannibal looks amazing, but the show lacks that certain je-ne-sais-Carcosa. I need a crime TV fix, people!

Luckily, I have a friend in Nancie Clare, founder of the forthcoming Speaking of Mysteries blog and podcast. When it comes to ferreting out the best in crime TV and books, Clare is the Rust Cohle—the most dogged of them all. And she just happens to be my special guest co-host this week, dishing on exactly what you need to be watching next (and reading, now that Malcolm McKay, author of the breakout Glasgow Trilogy of crime novels, doesn’t have anything new on the shelves this very second).

What else do I have for you this week? 

Ever wonder if those pricey makeup brands—the ones so often slathered on celebrities during the Oscars—are really worth it? For the next several weeks, I’ll be drilling down on a variety of beauty categories, getting the straight dish from top-of-the-line red carpet makeup artists about what they really carry around in their handbags. And it ain’t always the spendiest of balms.

Plus! TV industry vet Marrissa O’Leary answers a question that you yourself have probably wondered—that is, if you’ve ever watch the end credits of a network TV show. O’Leary, a former head of business affairs for not one but two major TV production studios, dips into her vast pool of knowledge—and shares wisdom from a couple of her favorite showrunners, John Rogers and Javier Grillo-Marxuach—to answer a burning question from listener AdamX6000.


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March 10, 2014

Episode 44: SXSWTF

Click Me
Amy Winehouse
at SXSW in 2007
In case you’ve stepped away from Twitter for more than eight seconds, the South by Southwest festival continues apace in Austin. (Can't understand what I'm saying? Here: #SXSW is happening in #Austin.)

If you remain unimpressed by this festival of music and interactive shenanigans and Justin Bieber, you are not alone. A loyal listener wrote in essentially asking me to please explain WTF is the deal with SXSW. With the help of music industry veteran and Nerd Out podcast co-host Lisa Jenkins, I do just that in this latest episode.

Plus! Four of your lingering Oscar questions answered…and Lisa reveals her ideal four-man sandwich. Is your favorite hunky celeb among the fixins? Find out by hitting the play button!

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March 3, 2014

Episode 43: American pie (with extra cheese)

Click Me Now that the Oscars are over, can we talk about that cheesy pizza that Ellen Degeneres had delivered in the middle of the telecast? Answer Dad loved that stunt. Thought it was brilliant comedy. I was more curious about the pizza itself—whether the whole jape was real, an elaborate bit of theater, or just an excuse for Jennifer Lawrence to actually get to eat something on Oscar night. So I found out for you. (Bonus fact: Scuttlebutt among rival pizza makers in Los Angeles is that Lawrence’s slice was—and I quote—“crap.” I'm just relaying what I heard, and you should never shoot the messenger. Unless, of course, that messenger is delivering crap pizza.)

What else have I got for you this week?
    •  Tons of little-to-unknown dish about how things really work behind the scenes at the Oscars and the after-parties!

    •  A takedown on the best and worst of the Oscars gowns with the help of seasoned entertainment reporter Lawrence Yee!

    •  Exactly how much the money breakout star from Captain Phillips has in his pocket right now…and whether that pocket even belongs to him!

    Have a listen!

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    March 2, 2014

    Oscar: The couch

    No, the Academy did not save her a partially obstructed seat in the Dolby Theater. So The Fame Fatale will be live-tweeting tonight's ceremonies from the couch in her Blogging Center Crisis Ready Room. Follow her @famefatalesays or just watch the tweet panel to the right of this here item.